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At Cirencester Dance Club we aim to encourage a widespread love of the dance, gymnastics and Musical Theatre and to provide a place where students feel included, inspired and supported. We welcome students of all ages and abilities! 

You and your family will be supported each step of your dance journey where you will be nurtured and develop confidence and self-belief. We inspire our students to explore their creativity in safe, fun and magical classes.

We have classes to cater for all ages from 2 years old to adults, and all abilities, with an emphasis on non-judgmental participation and enjoyment. 

We are passionate about making dance accessible for everyone and offer a class for children with suspected or diagnosed SEND who may shy away from our regular classes.

Click HERE to see our full range of classes running at venues across Cirencester from Mondays - Saturdays. 

Pre-school age: 2-3
Our wonderful carer/toddler classes are a great bonding experience, where you will make magical moments with your little one in this fun, imaginative and creative class. You and your little one will be introduced to basic dance techniques to inspire movement, creativity and help build confidence and independence.

Ages 2-9
Our CDC Kidz Club classes are an innovative, new approach to introduce dance to our youngest stars, there are two pathways to choose from before entering our main dance school. We have combined some of our classes so the students get to explore different dance styles in one convenient class and to experience a richer dance experience. 

Our Classique pathway explores ballet, tap and contemporary/modern whilst our Funky route combine Urban Modern, Musical Theatre and Dance Fusion.

Ages 9+
At aged 9, our students enter our main school with a fantastic selection of different classes and we give our students the opportunity to explore new styles in our WOW weeks and with guest teachers. We offer all the classic dance classes as well as Urban Modern, Musical Theatre, Dance Fusion and Hip Hop.

SEND classes

We know that some children may shy away from our regular classes so we have a SEND class on a Tuesday for children aged 8+.  We are passionate about making dance accessible for everyone and we will work with you and your child to ensure we offer the best class for them. 


Whether you are returning to dance or are a complete beginner, we have a dance class for you.

Ballet -  We offer classes for all abilities in our adult ballet classes: Intermediate, General & Silver Belles (50+) .

Contemporary- Come and experience the benefits of contemporary dance in a fun and supportive class where you will be guided through a variety of Contemporary dance techniques and styles to help build inner confidence and body confidence.  This class is suitable for a variety of levels, but previous dance experience would be helpful 

Zumba - relaxed class where you can really let your inhibitions go, learn some new moves and meet some great people along the way. This is a great class full of lovely people and great music.....whether you're a disco diva or have two left feet, it doesn't matter as you will LOVE this class!  Come and shake your booty with us every Thursday in this pay as you go class.

Month Trial: We offer a month trial as we feel this give the teacher and class a chance to work with your child so they get to experience and enjoy the class over a few weeks. We’re so confident that your child will have an out-of-this-world experience at Cirencester Dance Club, that if you’re not 100% happy after 4 weeks, you can cancel completely free of charge.

Registered Charity Number: 1118952

Term times...

Saturday 9th September – Friday 27th October
October Half Term – Saturday 28th October – Friday 3rd November
Saturday 4th November – Friday 8th December

Saturday 6th January – Saturday 10th February
Half Term – Monday 12th February – Sunday 18th February
Monday 19th February – Saturday 23rd March

Easter Break - Monday 25th March - Sunday 7th April

Monday 8th April – Saturday 25th May
Half Term – Monday 27th May – Sunday 2nd June
Monday 3rd June – Saturday 13th July

No Classes 1st May

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Cirencester Dance Club - image 1Cirencester Dance Club - image 2

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