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ANI Skincare. mixes up lotions and potions in the heart of the Cotswolds using pure, honest plant extracts, oils, butters and essential oils. We are a ‘Clean and Kind’ product, never using parabens, sulphates, synthetic perfumes, palm oil or any animal products, making us cruelty-free and vegan. Alongside our fabulous skincare we have created the perfect candles and room-diffusers allowing you to ‘treat your skin and indulge your senses’.

Joanna started making ANI Skincare about 5 years ago, having reached a crossroads in life, needing to embark on a new direction. Having previously been a painter and sculptor, her passion for all things skincare has always been a big part of who she is but never been allowed its full reign. Good healthy skincare has been a priority for Joanna, her skin is as awkward, fussy and particular as she is, so Joanna embarked on making the skincare holy grail, that is, something that meets all her criteria and that others will love and benefit from, she wanted to give people something that did an amazing job and made them feel unique and exceptional.

Joanna refined and perfected the range to fulfil her demanding brief and always adhere to her golden rules:
• Whatever goes into an ANI bottle or jar HAS to be doing a job (so no cheap packers just to fill the containers). 

• NEVER ask anyone to use something I wouldn’t use myself.

• ANI has to be ‘CLEAN AND KIND’ we draw the line at any nasty ingredients; we CAN have wonderful skin without harming ourselves or the environment. (That means no sulphates, parabens, synthetic perfumes, absolutely no palm oil, lanolin or beeswax, this also makes ANI Skincare super for sensitive skin and completely Vegan. All of that makes us happy.)

Last but not least...  

• Always spread a little love and joy.