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Warhammer | Big Multiplayer Battle


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Warhammer: The Old World – Big Multiplayer Battle

A large multiplayer weekend game (Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon) using Warhammer: The Old World Rules across custom scenic tables.

The game is limited to 14 players, with each playing fielding a force of 10,000pts (the army general has 12,500pts), consisting of a Vanguard, Main Force and Rear Guard. It will be a Good vs Evil battle.

An auction will take place on Friday afternoon where players will be allocated a random amount of Gold coins with which to bid in an auction for Mercenary Units and Magic Items that can be added to their Main force.

We encourage the use of large Monsters, if you have that Forge World or 3D print model you want to field and the rules are not available for it in The Old World – then please get in touch and we will try our best so you can field it.

When booking please put in the notes section which army you will be fielding and if you are able (i.e., you can field 12,500pts and are willing) to become the army general.

The game is limited to 14 players – book early to avoid disappointment!
If the game is sold out please contact us to be waitlisted.


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