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Top Gun & Top Gun: Maverick - Alfresco Film


Next dates

Date: 9th August & 10th August 2024
Time: 9pm - 11pm 

Want to buzz the tower with us for a big two-nighter? 

We’re feeling the need to visit Cotswold Airport near Cirencester for two back-to-back dates this summer with open-air screenings of the original TOP GUN and the incredible follow-up TOP GUN: MAVERICK over two thrilling nights.

There’s no better location for these legendary movies, with our screen positioned in the shadow of the huge and impressive B747 Negus, a former British Airways aircraft that now has a permanent home at Cotswold Airport. Come on, let’s do the double!

Top Gun will be screening on Friday 9 August
Top Gun: Maverick on Saturday 10 August. 

Gates open 7.30pm and the film starts at 9pm on both nights, with TG ending at 10.50pm on Friday, and TGM ending at 11.10pm on Saturday.

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