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The True Adventures of Marian and Robin Hood


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The True Adventures of Marian and Robin 

Robbed of her title, Lady Marian is prisoner and bride-to-be of the odious Odo, Sherriff of Nottingham…

Crack archer, swordswoman, trick rider, Marian once roamed freely through the woods of Sherwood Forest…

But as her wedding draws near – Christmas Day! – she begins to hear rumours of a band of outlaws – robbing the rich, giving to the poor – and fronted by her childhood nemesis Robin, Earl of Loxley…

A feast of myth, music and medieval slapstick, MARIAN AND ROBIN! has it all – magic, acrobatics, Normans with dodgy haircuts – as the eponymous duo bury the hatchet and join forces to thwart the hapless Sherriff and overthrow his evil protector Prince John…. the wickedest man alive…

DATES: 21st November - 31st December 

AGES: 4+ 


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