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The Greatest Magician

The magician most famous for jamming the BBCs switchboard after correctly predicting the Lottery fronts The Greatest Magician - the most hotly anticipated magic show for 2021.

Thursday 4th November 2021

 Time: 8:00pm

 Cost:  £12.50 - £27.50 per ticket

Book: here

'There's a moment you will remember for the rest of your life' - Chortle Magazine

** * * * Leaves even the most seasoned magic go-ers dumbfounded - Fringe Magazine

Described by The Mirror as extraordinary and following a sell-out run in 2019, this enigmatic and critically acclaimed, intimate glance at the most engaging of art-forms transports you to a jaw-dropping world of light-hearted hilarity, wonderment and mystery.

Focusing on mind-bending feats of illusion, from making people forget their own names to transporting iPhones from the auditorium into blocks of ice - this dazzling show is a sure sell-out and showing exclusively for a limited run.

Presented by host of BBCs Trickster: Live and viral star - 'the most anticipated magical performer in a generation'. Taught exclusively by Paul Daniels, friends with Penn & Teller and now a magician to A-lister stars, James Phelan is The Greatest Magician.