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Ninja Tots is now available to your children online!

Sign up to our online sessions and receive access to age-specific video tutorials and class planners which are and are fun to follow while targeting your child’s stage of development. You can reference the planner and follow along with the video for fun training with some of the best martial arts instructors in our industry.

Our planners include age-specific (AGES 3-14) warm-ups, two fun skill-building games and cool-down stretches that are easy to follow and fun at the same time!

Join for 1 week for £10 or 4 weeks for £20.

Limited to JUST 10 NEW Online Families

Email us to schedule your FREE virtual 1-2-1 today!

As a bonus you will also receive:

  1. FREE 1-2-1 Scheduled online lesson to give you the opportunity to try before you buy!

  2. Live 1-2-1 virtual lessons – we are very happy to provide a 10-minute virtual private lesson via zoom so that we can provide feedback on your progress and maintain the valuable relationships with our ninjas.

  3. FREE Parenting curriculum! We are sharing parenting content to help parents be the best you can be while you are locked up with your children!

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