Save Rugrats and Half Pints from closure.


Rugrats and Half Pints serves communities across several counties and is especially vital to the families of Cirencester.

Our local soft play centre provides a much-needed community hub where families can meet and play, stop for a coffee and a chat, host children's parties and attend calendar events, such as Easter and Halloween and Christmas discos.

It is one of the few places to go to in the town if the weather is unfriendly and for many families without vehicle access, its a lifeline to be within walking distance of anywhere in Cirencester.

Rugrats and Half Pints is facing indefinite closure due to COVID-19 and a lack of support from central government. Locally councillors have tried to access discretionary funds on the centre's behalf with no success.

If you have ever visited, or simply recognise how valuable these spaces are, please consider donating to their crowd funder. All funds raised will go directly to Caroline at Rugrats. If everyone in Cirencester donated £3 we would be able to save Rugrats and Half Pints from closure. Click HERE to show your support.