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30 Easter activity ideas for the kids

Easter is a great excuse for spending quality time with the family and when it comes to keeping the kids busy, it's always handy to have a few things up your sleeve! So we thought we would put together a list of 30 Easter-themed activities to do at home and in the garden.

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30 Easter Ideas to do with the kids

  • Make paper mache eggs and paint them. Flour, water and newspaper will do the trick.
  • Design and make an Easter bonnet. Use an existing hat and get customising!
  • Make an Easter tree using twigs and paint it. Why not add ribbons and some homemade easter decorations.

  • Have a movie afternoon, grab the popcorn and watch an Easter film.
  • Plant flowers either in the garden or in a pot.
  • Read Easter themed books. The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, The Tale of Mr. Tod, The Tale of Peter Rabbit and The Tale of the Flopsie Bunnies are lovely stories.
  • Create a fairy garden. Improvise if you don't have a fairy. For example, a lego figure.
  • Create an Easter scavenger hunt (indoors or outdoors).

  • Make slime and put it into plastic Easter eggs.
  • Blow bubbles in the garden. Make your own using washing up liquid and water.
  • Draw Easter egg designs on the patio/ driveway using chalk or in the bath using bath crayons.
  • Make Mini Egg chocolate cornflake nests.
  • Make a butterfly feeder.
  • Build a bird feeder. A toilet roll, seeds and peanut butter should do the trick.
  • Make an Easter basket and put together a gift basket for an elderly relative or neighbour.

  • Birdwatch in the garden and create a log of what you see.
  • Painting in the garden. Use your environment to feel inspired.
  • Draw or paint pictures of flowers and post them to a family member to brighten up their day.
  • Paint rocks to look like Easter eggs, and collect them from the garden or on your daily exercise.

  • Easter crafts. Lots of lovely ideas on Pinterest.
  • Have a picnic in the garden, plan the menu and track down the rug.

  • Plan your Easter meal, design the menu, help with setting the table, and plan your cooking.
  • Design your own pick 'n' mix for pudding. Why not!
  • Bake and decorate Easter-themed biscuits. Playdough cutters come in handy.

  • Have a virtual dinner party using Zoom, Whatsapp video or Skype. Get the whole family together and don't forget to dress for dinner!
  • Family disco, with party games.
  • Play board games or finish off that puzzle!
  • Stargaze in the garden. Spot the shapes of animals and then makeup stories about them.
  • Have your own afternoon tea using the lovely cakes that you've made.

We hope this gives you some inspiration and that you have a brilliant Easter!

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