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Reach families visiting or living in Cirencester looking for things to do by promoting your event on Cirencester Rocks.

Our event advertisers are found by families looking for things to do in and around Cirencester with pages featuring in the relevant What's on Today, What's on Tomorrow, Weekend, Category and School Holiday sections. Browse the website here

Cirencester Rocks launched in 2018 and receives over 6,000 visits each month from families searching for ideas.

The page ranks 1st in Google for 'What's on today [in Cirencester]' and front page for 'things to do in Cirencester' and 'what's on Cirencester'.

A feature page in the section includes full details of your event, with booking, website and social media links, images, location, and SEO.

Advertisement Cost

Advert Cost*
1-day event £25 Pay here
2-7 day events £40 Pay here
8+ day events £100 Pay here

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