Add a Holiday Club to Cirencester Rocks

Add a Holiday Club to Cirencester Rocks

Do you run a holiday club in or around Cirencester?

Reach local parents looking for holiday clubs for their little ones by promoting your holiday club on Cirencester Rocks.

Our Holiday Clubs in Cirencester article features Cirencester holiday clubs and activity camps, and in 2021 had over 1500 reads by local parents looking for holiday clubs.

The article ranks 1st in Google for 'holiday clubs Cirencester' and 'kids holiday clubs Cirencester'.

A feature in the article includes full details of your holiday club, with booking/website link, image, and location.

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To submit your holiday club to be included in the article, please click the button below to fill out the form with your holiday club information.

The article will be updated to include your holiday club within two working days of receipt of payment (click the Subscribe links above to pay annually or monthly)

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